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Athlon Mobility Nest


Athlon Netherlands creates innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for business-to-business mobility. The Dutch market leader help sits clients to transport themselves worry-free by offering integrated and sustainable solutions for the car fleet and mobility. Pushing the boundaries and servicing clients to enjoy a mobile lifestyle. The brand promise ‘getting you there’ says it all. Sandenburg-DST helped to make this purpose come alive on the ground floor of the head office in the city of Almere.


Our team was responsible for the trajectory of vision, strategy, concept, graphic and spatial design. From 2019 onwards we held meetings with the board to develop a masterplan for the ground floor. Our creative team deepened their knowledge in employee experience with customer research studies and workshops with employees. An important prerequisite was the wish to create a healthy atmosphere in the office; people are the starting point and are encouraged to be entrepreneurial. The logical outcome is a hybrid office where every employee can enjoy him- or herself, being able to grow professionally. A workplace where employees can work together with clients and mobility partners, culminating in a valuable exchange of ideas to enhance innovation. 

On entering the office you should immediately understand what Athlon stands for, being the Dutch marketleader in the field of operational car lease and mobility solutions. Therefore, the reception area, restaurant and meeting rooms have been turned into one harmonious experience. The reception at the entrance has been replaced by a Mobility Bar: open and inviting, offering a relaxed spot where employees can enjoy fresh barista brewed coffee. 

The ‘Employee Wall’ offers stories of the people who work at Athlon. In the new restaurant Charge, Refuel and Drive it is no longer about food and drinks, but about work, meet and assemble. The other meeting spaces can be reached via the Mindset corridor. Apart from the obvious natural and warm materials, we also choose to implement materials in the spaces that imitate movement. The benchmark for the selection of corporate identity photography is bringing alive mobility in most broad sense of the word. 

We also looked with the team of Athlon at the customer experience, being aware that the definition of mobility gets larger for their prospects and clients. A valuable dialogue demands an inspiring surrounding,. Part of the ground floor of the office, which consists of three tower blocks, will be furnished in such a way that visitors and clients really experience the perfect customer experience.  We know there are five desires to realize the hybride office of the future: productivity, collaboration, clients, culture and a creative studio in order to strengthen the message of Athlon.

Project team

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

portret picture Lars de Groot

Lars de Groot

Experience Designer

Ilse de Lange

Spatial Designer

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