Escaperooms Danger No Voltage!


The monumental centuries-old Fort Westoever in Den Helder housed a military emergency power plant dating back to the Cold War. Today the fortress has become a tourist destination, housing a brewery and restaurant. For Beleef het Avontuur Sandenburg-DST developed the special escape rooms of Danger No Voltage!, in which the atmosphere of the Cold War takes centre stage.

Danger no voltage

Exciting storyline

Sandenburg-DST developed the two rooms’ storylines, visitor flow and design. As a result, visitors find themselves participating in their own personal action movie. They become elite team members of the special marine task force Marine Unit Technical Support. The entire Dutch power grid has been blacked out by a cyber-attack. Only by starting up the ‘forgotten’ emergency power plant from the Cold War can the country be saved. Will your team complete this mission within the hour?

Danger no voltage


Expotise was responsible for building the interiors. They used techniques that are novel in the escape room scene. Exactly what, you will have to find out for yourself by visiting… For its concept and design Sandenburg-DST used the expertise of two experienced escape room visitors to achieve a refreshing final design. For lighting a specialist was hired too, to create a maximum effect.

Danger no voltage


Visitors can play both escape rooms subsequently, or independently. Two-team visits are also possible, as both the Control Room and Engine Room have their own stories, atmospheres and solutions. This flexibility makes both individual and group visits possible. No matter how you play them, these are one-of-a-kind escape rooms you’re guaranteed not to find again anytime soon.

Project team

Carmen Gilhuis

Experience Designer

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Danger no voltage