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Nextview Design Thinking Center


The first Design Thinking Center opened its doors in a former Amsterdam chewing gum factory, in 2016. Sandenburg-DST delivered its concept and design. In the three years that followed, over 15,000 visitors visited over 600 sessions there. A great success, prompting owner Nextview to open a second center in 2018, at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Sandenburg-DST provided them with concept, design and build. In 2020 the Design Thinking Center formula went international.

End-user is key

Just to refresh your memory, design thinking is a method in which an end-user of a product, service or process is key. No wonder that the Design Thinking Centers in Amsterdam and Eindhoven are human-centered. Visitors are asked to truly dive into their customer’s problem, in his or her latent desires. That’s what results in better products. Products that truly meet a need, and are wanted.

Design Thinking Center sessie

Stimulating environment

The Amsterdam Design Thinking Center is housed in a former chewing gum factory, within sailing distance from Amsterdam Centraal Station, where visitors are picked up with sustainable Plastic Whale boats. These are also made possible by Nextview. The Design Thinking Center in Eindhoven is located on the High Tech Campus. This is where Philips’ fundamental and applied research departments have been based for half a century. The campus was made accessible to other organizations fifteen years ago, from single-minded start-ups to powerful multinationals. Both locations share their central location, and their inspiring environment supporting and stimulating sessions.

Design Thinking Center

Get going

The light and roomy former factory buildings of the Design Thinking Centers invite visitors to take an open approach to whatever problem is at hand. In a joint session they are introduced to it, and to the day’s program. The adaptable interior of the center then provides all facilities needed for a deep-dive in any subject. Moveable walls, an inspiring though somewhat unusual interior, very functional break-out spaces and a theme matching visitors’ approaches.


Its Design Thinking Centers help Nextview support their customers and prospects to the max, allow prospecting of true customer issues, develop new products and improve on internal processes. They generate new business for Nextview, and play a crucial role in building and maintaining sustainable customer relationships. With 200 tailor-made sessions and 5,000 selectively invited visitors a year each, Nextview is making optimal use of the centers’ potential.

Design Thinking Center overzicht

Project team

portret picture Lars de Groot

Lars de Groot

Experience Designer

Renze de Vries

Experience Strategist & Concept Developer

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