Haagsche Bluf

2017 – 2019

Haagsche Bluf Loetje en Scallywag

The renovated shopping and staying area Haagsche Bluf in the heart of The Hague has been transformed into a bustling food and retail area, featuring a boutique hotel and food hall, in just two years’ time. Sandenburg-DST laid the basis for this development.

Haagsche Bluf foodhallen

“Haagsche Bluf has become a definitive destination where visitors can shop, eat and stay. It turns this part of town into a special place, a must-visit.”

Andrea Stevers, real estate manager Geste Group

Haagsche Bluf Artist impression

Together with developer and owner Geste Group we charted needs of people visiting The Hague’s town centre. We researched opportunities in technological development, demographics, visitor flows and social structure. Based on the findings we charted Haagsche Bluf’s opportunities in a resulting vision document, containing vision, strategy and proposition. From our extensive network we then approached innovative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join the project and facilitate a broad cooperation to realize Haagsche Bluf.

Project team

Markus Konings

CEO Sandenburg-DST

Rupert Parker Brady

Strategy Lead

portret picture Rogier Sterk

Rogier Sterk

Director Concept Development

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