Landmarkt Mini Markt


Fine food enthusiasts living in Alkmaar, Zaandam, and Velserbroek don’t have to drive all the way to Amsterdam to purchase the most delightful and delicious regional products, sourced directly from the local farmer, baker, and grower. They can purchase their products at three garden centers of Ranzijn Tuin & Dier, all featuring a fully-fledged Landmarkt shop. Sandenburg-DST was responsible for strategy, concept, and design.

The iconic foodretailer Landmarkt Amsterdam has been offering since 2012 the tastiest fresh products to the consumers from Amsterdam. Not just any items, but homemade or directly sourced from one of the 100 small growers, farmers, or artisan producers. Because what comes from nearby is fresher, hence tastier. And all of this for a fair price, every day. The motto of Landmarkt is ‘Let’s live deliciously!’

Throughout the Netherlands, large garden centers typically have a garden café or restaurant. Fresh products are increasingly also up for sale. In England, many garden centers are very advanced selling fresh ‘food’. The share of revenue from food can reach up to 40 percent. There are even examples of garden centers with butchers and bakers in the store. While such artisanal specialists are not allowed in the Netherlands due to strict zoning laws, the offering of food, beverages, and hospitality in garden centers is on the rise.

Pilot store

The Landmarkt pilot store measuring 300 square metres in the Ranzijn branch in Alkmaar, which opened in July 2019, turned out to be a great success with clients of the garden center. During the pandemic, a café was opened where customers could enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack. The Landmarkt logo is prominently displayed on the facade of the shop-in-shop. Upon entering, customers literally step into a mini market of Landmarkt.

At Ranzijn, franchisees are in charge. They handle the staffing themselves. Landmarkt provides the formula, assortment, and guidance. In the Ranzijn franchisestores in Velserbroek and Zaandam, the fresh food & beverage concept of Landmarkt has also become a familiar sight, combined with hospitality. Here, you can find the most delicious cheese, fresh vegetables, freshly roasted nuts, and the healthiest granola, among other things.

Project team

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer