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For years, the creators of foodretail company Landmarkt dreamed of creating a fresh food experience. Not just any food market, but a place where all products are directly sourced from local and regional producers. The baker bakes your bread fresh in the store, and the butcher prepares the meat right in front of you. On the condition that the fresh offer should be affordable and accessible, every day.

Sandenburg-DST created the vision, developed the concept and spatial design to turn that dream into reality. The first step was the development of a vision book, based on joint working sessions and visits to reference projects.

Former Garden Center

The first location opened in 2012 in Amsterdam-Noord. In the former fishing village of Schellingwoude, a former garden center was transformed into an indoor fresh market. The design is functional and deliberately not finished in detail. The colors and materials of each fresh corner are tailored to the range of products, making the fresh corners clearly recognizable. Thanks to its open and friendly character, the fresh market feels accessible to everyone.

From the start the store in Schellingwoude was a great success with customers from greater Amsterdam. In 2019, Landmarkt expanded the store with 350 square metres of fresh experience. In addition to the new department with homemade meals, the bakery and the fruit and vegetable department were renewed. The restaurant area doubled in size to 100 tables.


Marien Meurs has been the CEO since January 2022. In trade journal Distrifood, he unfolded his vision for the further development of the Landmarkt brand in Schellingwoude: “Landmarkt should really become an outing. We should be put firmly on the map as a cool place, a destination. So instead of going to the zoo with your child, go to Landmarkt. I have honestly been surprised by the number of people who still don’t know about Landmarkt. Therefore we need to become a place that people talk about. I want to do that by adding more fun, education, and inspiration. Those three terms are high on the agenda. I want people to come home after a visit to Landmarkt and feel like they’ve learned something, been given food for thought. Many sustainability themes are quite complex, and I would like Landmarkt to contribute to raising awareness about sustainability.”

“Working with Sandenburg-DST creates the right tension. The distinguishing factor lies in innovation and a commercial approach: what works and how can you make money from it?”

Marien Meurs, CEO Landmarkt

Project team

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Portret picture Cristina Zanon

Cristina Zanon

Brand Design Lead

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