Praxis Phygital

Praxis Hoogeveen interieur badkamer configurator

Maxeda DIY Group commissioned Sandenburg-DST for strategy, concept and design in order to contribute to the future of Praxis, one of the largest and best-known DIY retail brands in the Netherlands, compromising of 193 stores. We developed and realized in close collaboration with the Format Strategy and Marketing teams of Praxis in 12 weeks the brand-new store concept ‘Praxis phygital’ for the Mid Box retail format. All the advantages of the digital world have been integrated in the first pilot store in Hoogeveen, which opened in March. Since the opening of Praxis Phygital Hoogeveen in March 2021, eight new Praxis Phygital locations have been opened. The phygital concept offers a distinctively new customer experience.

Praxis Hoogeveen exterieur voorgevel

Praxis Hoogeveen and Amersfoort are in terms of size relatively small DIY stores, ranging from 2800 to 3000 m2 retail space. This enables to integrate the store design in a better way with the online channels of Praxis. The customer engagement, which is all about offering convenience and a seamless experience, is greatly enhanced with QR codes and 3D product configurators instore, placed next to the assortment groups. Every customer can now experience the convenience of online, being able to choose from an extensive range of products, services and at the same time be inspired and get expert advice. There are specific assortments where only show models are on display instore. A QR code smoothly refers customers to the online store for making a purchase and home delivery. Throughout the store many references are made to the Praxis Plus loyalty program which has more than 1.6 million members.

Hoogeveen interieur actie

The big marketing insight is that most customers of Praxis, despite having a growing appetite for shopping online, clearly feel the need to visit the physical DIY stores, e.g. to see a product at first hand or to consult a staff member. In addition, the Praxis phygital concept helps customers to easily find information about the extensive online range. There are instore currently six 3D product configurators with a large touch screen that offer the ‘Creators’ (de Makers) the convenience and speed to design and personalize product sets. The customer can for example construct in 3D his own bathroom furniture. Once the customer is happy with the design, all product components can be bought instantly instore or ordered online. It is also possible to continue the design job from home and place an online order.

We introduced the phygital concept to combine the advantages of online with the advantages of the physical shop.

Corinne Duchenne, Managing Director Praxis Nederland

Every Praxis store, where the phygital concept is introduced, has a complete makeover with revised routing, a new and wider product range, new cash registers, frontage and façade with the new Praxis logo. The technical and functional ranges of the product assortments have been improved. Familiar product groups such as laminate flooring and paint have been upgraded.

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Sandenburg-DST was asked to advice Praxis on the ideal customer journey and which phygital touchpoints should be included outside and inside the store. Most newly developed stores will have a ‘Creators wall’ (Makerswand) at the store entrance where customers can be inspired by recommendations from other shoppers. Our design team developed the spatial design and graphic brand identity for the decoration and visualization of the product configurators instore. All the communication around these new digital services are in line with the Praxis brand, from shelf communication to second placement communication.

Praxis Hoogeveen Makers wall

Project team

Joram Meruwella

Spatial Design Lead

Portret picture Cristina Zanon

Cristina Zanon

Brand Design Lead

Jamie van de Bilt

Brand Designer

Becky Elliott

Senior Brand Identity Designer

Rupert Parker Brady

Strategy Lead