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Royal Auping is a Dutch icon. Sustainability and innovative design have always been key aspects of the company’s strategy. Back in 1887 Johannes Auping started with the production of ‘healthy bed mattresses made of steel’ (spiral bed bases) for a hospital. Since then, Auping has always been offering products that help people to rest oneself. The B Corp certified producer is frontrunner in the circular economy. In 2016, Sandenburg-DST developed a heritage space for visitors and realised the Auping flow and factorytour on the production location. In 2022, adjustments were made to the heritage wall.

Auping is well known for having an innovative production process, packed with smart solutions. Fascinating stories, that deserve their own podium. Storytelling enhances an emotional connection with your brand. Especially when you present them in the space where the companies’ stories are created daily. Sandenburg-DST was assigned to bring these stories alive in the new head office in Deventer and in the factory on the other side of the road.

“Sustainability is in the essence of Auping. We want to discard the throwaway society and as a manufacturing company we feel responsible for taking care of the world.”

Jan-Joost Bosman, managing director Royal Auping


In the office visitors and new employees get further acquainted with the rich heritage of Auping. This is done in an interactive and accessible way in the ‘heritage space’, specifically designed for this purpose. Packed with ‘antique’ furniture, advertisements, photographs and stories showing the rise of design and sustainability in our society. The visitor discovers the pillars and how the company has developed in 135 years into a high-tech corporation. 


Over the past 20 years Auping has re-invented fundamentally its production process. Key words: sustainable and LEAN. When the new factory was built from 2012 onwards, the company specifically made sure the working and social conditions where perfectly aligned. Everywhere in the production process you’ll find a blend of people and machines; robotic arms and human arms working in harmony. Visitors need to experience this for themselves in the production hall. Here Sandenburg-DST developed a new reception area for company tours, where people learn firsthand more about the production process methodology. Using film, tactical materials, intersections, and thematic exhibits the visitor is prepped to take a tour through the production hall. We designed for this occasion a series of interactive panels which explain how the process in the factory works.


The heritage area offers Auping the chance to present a multi-use space full of character. Employees can hold their informal meetings, and guests can wait here when they arrive too early for their appointment. For both target groups the space offers plenty of stories, which enhance the relationship with the company, and serve as a conversation starter for talks. The Auping Flow in the production hall has become the starting point for tours around the premises of the factory.

Auping is very confident of the future of its business. Jan-Joost Bosman, managing director: “The future means offering a subscription in enjoying a good night sleep. We are very open and not afraid of the competition. We trust our innovative spirit and the strength of our brand.”

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